Clingcon is a hybrid solver combining the monolithic answer set solver Clingo and the CSP solver Gecode.


Clingcon is an answer set solver for (extended) constraint normal logic programs. It combines the high-level modeling capacities of Answer Set Programming (ASP) with constraint solving. Constraints over non-linear finite integers can be used in the logic programs. The primary clingcon algorithm adopts state-of-the-art techniques from SMT and uses conflict-driven learning and theory propagation for the CSP solver.

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Clingcon-3 has been released: Webpage Clingcon-3 release 3.2.0 benchmarks available here.


Clingcon 2 is outdated, consider using clingcon 3

Clingcon incorporates all features of clasp and extends them by SMT related features including:

To get an idea on how to model in Clingcon, consult the following examples:

Further information on Clingcon's options is obtained via clingcon --help.
To get an impression of Clingcons performance, visit the benchmarking area.


To get a quick overview of how to use Clingcon, you can look here.

Clingcon is part of Potassco, the Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collection, hosted at Sourceforge. Source code and binaries can be found at the project's download page, or in the SVN trunk of gringo SVN.

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