Service and Software Engineering

Chair from 15/03/2006 to 30/09/2014: Prof. Dr. Ing. Tiziana Margaria-Steffen


Recent projects:

  • [MWFK/ESF] January 2014 - February 2015:
    Computer science for professionals

  • [DAAD-CAPES] March 2012 - April 2014:
    Treatment and prevention of hepatic insulin resistance and steatosis by moderate endurance exercise
    PROBRAL Bilateral Project Univ. Potsdam - Univ. Sao Paulo(Group of Prof. Marilia Seelaender)
    DAAD-CAPES funded structured exchange of scientists with Brasilwithin an accompanying scientific interdisciplinary projectbetween T.Margaria (Inst. of Computer Science, Potsdam ), G. Püschel (Inst. of NutritionalScience, U. Potsdam and DIFE, German Institute for Nutrition Research) and M. Seelaender (Inst. of Biomedical Science, Univ. Sao Paulo).
    ca. 16.500 Euro (for Germany)

  • [EFRE] Jan 2012 - March 2013:
    Platform for the Production and the Exchange of Multimedia-Contents
    EU (ESF) and State Brandenburg co-financed Infrastructure grant for the new e-learning and e-knowledge platform at the Institute für Informatik.
    73.600 Euro

  • [BMBF] October 2010 - April 2014:
    Service Potentials in the Personalized Medicine – Challenges and solutions for German stakeholders
    BMBF – Federal Ministry for Education and Research – Program 'Productivity in the Service Sector", Co-Proposer, responsible for the creation of a tool platform for modeling and evaluating business modelsca.

  • [LandBerlin] September 2010 - April 2011:
    Wireless Multi-User Brainstorming System
    Funding: Wireless Technology Center (WTC) Berlin
    30.000 Euro

  • [LandBB] April - September 2010:
    Masterplan IKTBrandenburg
    Ministry for Economy and European Affairs – Federal State Brandenburg, (participating as member of BIEM eV– together with theBerlin company PublicOne)
    Preparation of the Strategic Master Plan Information and Communication Technologies of the State of Brandenburg on behalf of the State government
    40.000 Euro

  • [TechTransf] April - October 2010:
    Development of algorithms for automated emergency and failure notification under consideration of location, location-based services (LBS) and mobile devices.
    Technology transfer project with the company DerdackGmBH-Potsdam.11.500Euro

  • [Direct Industry contract] April - October 2010:
    Prototyping of eLearning/eTeachingServices–Web-pedagogic foundations and training concept
    Direct contract by DTTS-DeutscheTelekomTechnischerService GmbH.

  • [EU-FET] June 2010 - May 2011:
    ITSy-ITsimply works,
    Strategic Support Action in the EU FP7 FET – Coordinator
    117.000 Euro

Examples of older projects:

  • [EU-STREP] 2006 - 2009:
    SHADOWS, Self-HealingApproachtoDesigningComplexSoftwareSystems,
    STREP, European Community .
    (my group: 254.000 Euro)

  • [DFG] 2003 - 2008:
    Learning of behavioural models and their use for the creation and evaluation of tests in communicating systems
    DFGProjekt (German Research Foundation),co-proposer
    (my group: ca.180.000Euro)

  • [NSF-DAAD] 2001 - 2003:
    Bilateral Project Univ. Dortmund - Carnegie Mellon University (JeannetteWing, David Garlan), Pittsburgh (USA),
    NSF-DAAD funded structured exchange of scientists with the USA within an accompanying scientific project.

  • [DAAD] 1999 - 2001:
    Creatingand Analysing Services in Telecommunication Services,
    Bilateral Project Univ. Dortmund - Univ. Uppsala (Gruppe of Prof. Bengt Jonsson)
    DAAD funded structured exchange of scientists with Sweden within an accompanying scientific project.