LPNMR'09: Venue

Potsdam, once a city of kings and royal residences, is today the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg in Germany and at the same time a European city of culture and science. The heart of Prussia is famous for its palaces and parks, its gardens and villas, and its numerous museums. Last but not least it nicely complements the adjacent capital city of Germany, Berlin.

Conference Site

LPNMR'09 and collocated workshops are hosted by the University of Potsdam's Institute of Informatics, located in less than 5 minutes walking distance from a metro station ("S-Bahnhof" in German) called Griebnitzsee. If you arrive by metro ("S-Bahn" in German) at Griebnitzsee, there is a single stairs to leave the platform. Walk down that stairs, turn right, follow the tunnel, walk up the stairs at the other end of the tunnel, and turn left. The scenery you will be looking at is depicted below (you are at the top of the image, and your viewing direction is downwards):

Griebnitzsee campus map

When you walk a few steps, you'll be at a small street called "Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Straße". The bus stop, indicated by the yellow "H", will be to your left. The technical conference program takes place in the building with number 6. To go there, you need to cross "Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Straße" and follow the walkway slightly to your left on the other side of the street (cross more or less straight, direction 11 o'clock, and don't make a left turn). After following the walkway for about 50 meters, there will be an entrance with glass doors to your right. That's the entrance to the conference building! If you get lost, watch out for the walkway orthogonal to "Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Straße", opposite side of the entrance to Griebnitzsee station. The building with number 6 has red-brick walls and is quite spacious.

Station Griebnitzsee is frequently reached by S-Bahn line S7. It's also the last stop of bus line 694 coming from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. Please note that, when starting at Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, S-Bahn is much faster than the bus! Moreover, Griebnitzsee is the last stop of regional train line RB21 coming from Wustermark. This regional train goes hourly.

The information given here is also provided by the university in PDF (unfortunately in German only). Please consider also the S-Bahn and general public transport information provided at the Accommodation and the Getting to Potsdam pages.

Food and Drink

The map below shows the available food places nearby the conference site:

View Restaurant Guide in a larger map

Tourist Attractions

The excursions on Tuesday and Wednesday lead to a few of the touristic spots of Potsdam, namely, to Park Sanssouci [Wikipedia] and Sanssouci Palace [Wikipedia]. The following websites provide more information about sights in Potsdam and Berlin: