Data Mining and Text Mining for Bioinformatics: Proceedings of the European Workshop

Held in Conjunction with ECML / PKDD- 2003 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

22 September, 2003

Tobias Scheffer and Ulf Leser (Editors)


In the past years, research in molecular biology and molecular medicine has accumulated enormous amounts of data. This includes genomic sequences gathered by the Human Genome Project, gene expression data from microarray experiments, protein identification and quantification data from proteomics experiments, and SNP data from high-throughput SNP arrays. However, our understanding of the biological processes underlying these data lags far behind. There is a strong interest in employing methods of knowledge discovery and data mining to generate models of biological systems. Mining biological databases imposes challenges which knowledge discovery and data mining have to address, and which form the focus of the European Workshop on Data Mining and Text Mining for Bioinformatics.

This volume contains the papers presented at the European Workshop on Data Mining and Text Mining for Bioinformatics, held at the European Conference on Machine Learning and the European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on September 22, 2003. Three invited and ten contributed papers were presented at the workshop; invited presentations were given by

We would like to thank the members of the program committee.
Additional reviews were written by Jörg Hakenberg. Based on these reviews, we selected nine research papers and one research note for presentation at the workshop.
We gratefully acknowledge support from the European Network on Excellence in Knowedge Discovery, KD-Net. We particularly wish to thank Codrina Lauth for her support.

Berlin, 14 July 2003

Tobias Scheffer
Ulf Leser
Humboldt University, Berlin

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