Software Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hammer

Announcement for the Research Seminar

Service and Software Engineering in WS 2016 / 2017

Instructor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hammer
Course of Studies: Bachelor and Master
Course Material: Slides and papers suggested during the course
Language: English
SWS: 2
Credits: 3

Enrollment and Submissions:

In accordance with the provisions of the Institute for Computer Science Instituts für Informatik, the enrollment and course assignments are handled electronically:


Day Timing Room Beginning Lecturer
Thursday 10:15-11:45 20.101) Christian Hammer

1) Christmas holidays from 22.12.2016 to 29.12.2016


This seminar will cover static and dynamic approaches to enforce security policies in programs, in particular on platforms like the Web or Android. Examples are standard notions like safety properties or noninterference that e.g. guarantee that no secret may leak to public output and related concepts.


20.10.2016 Abhishek Tiwari Applying Privacy Case Law to the Right to be Forgotten
27.10.2016 Kai Wallisch Thoth: Comprehensive Policy Compliance in Data Retrieval Systems
03.11.2016 Mohammadreza Ashouri Automatic Exploit Generation
10.11.2016 Abhishek Tiwari End-to-End Verification of Information-Flow Security for C and Assembly Programs
17.11.2016 Kai Wallisch Policy auditing over incomplete logs: theory, implementation and applications
24.11.2016 Gebrehiwet Biyane Correlation Tracking for Points-To Analysis of JavaScript
01.12.2016 Frederick Brumm liquid documentation - automatic documentation generation in a large software system.
08.12.2016 Mohammadreza Ashouri CRiOS: Toward Large-Scale iOS Application Analysis
15.12.2016 Klaus Mueller Using JOANA for Information Flow Control in Java Programs.
12.01.2017 Marlou Schweitzer AndroidLeaks: Automatically Detecting Potential Privacy Leaks In Android Applications on a Large Scale.
19.01.2017 Gebrehiwet Biyane Precise Interprocedural Dataflow Analysis via Graph Reachability.
26.01.2017 Kapelle Analyzing inter app communication in Android.
09.02.2017 Abhishek Tiwari How to present good research talks.


R-Droid Leveraging Android App Analysis with Static Slice Optimization.
DexHunter Towards extracting Hidden Code from packed Android Applications
DroidSafe Information-Flow Analysis of Android Applications in DroidSafe.
SCanDroid Automated Security Certification of Android Applications.
JOANA Using JOANA for Information Flow Control in Java Programs.
FlowDroid Precise Context, Flow, Field, Object-Sensitive and Lifecycle-aware Taint Analysis for Android Apps.
AndroidLeaks Automatically Detecting Potential Privacy Leaks in Android Applications on a large scale.
DroidDisintegrator Intra-Application Information Flow Control in Android Apps.
Amandroid A Precise and General Inter-component Data Flow Analysis Framework for Security Vetting of Android Apps.
Inter-App Communication Analyzing inter app communication in Android.

Criteria for Obtaining Credit Points:

In order to get the credits, students will have to present at least one of the given paper at the end of the semester. In order to get the initial reviews for the slides, students have to send their slides two weeks before to their actual presentation date.