aspartame is an ASP-based constraint solver similar to the SAT-based solver sugar. aspartame takes a CSP in the sugar format or the XCSP 2.1 format, translates it into ASP facts and solves it with clasp. Sugar (extended with a modified output hook) is used for the translation into ASP facts. For the solving process an ASP encoding is used benefiting from the order encoding.


Some documentation on how to use aspartame can be found here.

aspartame is part of Potassco, the Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collection.

For any comments, just drop us a message!


You can download aspartame here.


We ran experiments under Linux on dual Xeon E5520 quad-core processors with 2.26 GHz and 48 GB RAM with aspartame 2.0.0. Each run was restricted to 1800 seconds CPU time for grounding and solving each.

We tested aspartame on the GLOBAL category of CSP instances from the Fourth International CSP Solver Competition. We choose this selection because sugar is known for performing quite well on these instances. After removing simple instances the following set was remaining: globalinstances.tar.xz.

The results can be found here. All instances used in the Fourth International CSP Solver Competition can be found here.