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XRay: User's Guide & Reference Manual

Torsten Schaub and Thomas Linke
Department of Computer Science
University of Potsdam
14415 Potsdam

Stefan Brüning
Hahnstraße 43a
D-60528 Frankfurt

Pascal Nicolas
Faculté des Sciences
Université d'Angers
2, boulevard Lavoisier
F-49045 Angers Cedex 01


This guide provides a brief introduction to the usage of XRay, a Prolog-technology theorem prover for reasoning from incomplete information; it is based on an approach to query-answering in default logics described in Schaub (1995).

The actual version of XRay is available here.
Its extension to XXRay, is available here.
The postscript version of this html-document is available here.
Additionally the tests made in Nicolas and Schaub (1998) are available. In Section 6 other test knowledge bases are provided.


Thomas Linke