Dr. Eva Richter

Research Scientist

Project Secretary of CoeGSS


Contact Details

Institute for Computer Science
University of Potsdam
August-Bebel-Str. 89
14482 Potsdam, Germany
House 4, Office 1.14
Phone: +49 (0)331/ 977 3065

E-Mail: erichter [at] cs [dot] uni [minus] potsdam [dot] de

Research Interests

Logics in computer science, especially


D.Kozen, C.Kreitz, E.Richter "Automating Proofs in Category Theory", PDF, International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning, Seattle(USA), 2006

R. Booth, E.Richter: "On revising fuzzy belief bases",
(extended version with all proofs)
Studia Logica, vol. 80, nr. 1, 2005

E.Richter: "Nonmonotonic Fuzzy Inference", PDF(PhD Thesis), 2003

R. Booth, E.Richter: "On revising fuzzy belief bases",
UAI International Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence,
Acapulco, Mexico, 2003 PSPDF

E.Richter: "Nonmonotonic Inference Operators for Fuzzy Logic",
Workshop "Uncertainty and Nonmonotonic Reasoning", KR2002, Toulouse

Teaching (in German)

Biographical sketch

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