My teaching aims at supplying students with useful knowledge, skills and competences allowing them to take advantage of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in practice.

The slides and tutorial materials for a Master's level course on Answer Set Programming, a practically oriented subarea of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR&R), that I co-authored and taught in the past are available at the website of the Potassco project. There is also an accompanying textbook for further reading; if interested and member of a research institution, I recommend trying whether machines in your institutional network are privileged to access the online version of the book.

In the recent past I alternately taught the aforementioned Master's level course, called Answer Set Solving in Practice, and a Bachelor's level course on Computational Intelligence, for which exercise sheets and laboratory assignments (partially in German) are publicly available (press "Anmelden als Gast"). Currently I am preparing new courses presenting modern AI technology with focus on challenging applications of industrial and/or social impact.

I have also co-supervised more than 25 Bachelor's and Master's (or diploma) theses. Corresponding topics typically address recent research developments as well as application areas of AI technology, which is why I refrain to give a ready list of "standard topics" here. If you are interested in doing a study project, your Bachelor's or Master's thesis, or a PhD related to AI technology and applications, please don't hesitate to contact me in person or by e-mail.

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Last modified on 21 September 2018