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Bettina Schnor


Prof. Dr. Bettina Schnor

University Potsdam
Institute of Computer Science
August-Bebel-Str. 89
14482 Potsdam


+49 331 977-3120
+49 331 977-3122

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Curriculum Vitae

Bettina Schnor studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the TU Braunschweig, Germany, where she also received her Ph.D. degree in 1990.

From March 1990 to February 1996 she was research scientist at the Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks at the TU Braunschweig. There, she established the research field "Distributed Systems" and the working group "Failure Tolerance and Load Balancing in Distributed Systems". During this time, Bettina Schnor did also lecture at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen (October 94 - July 95).

From March 1996 to September 1996 she was a lecturer at the BTU Cottbus for Operating Systems. From October 1996 to March 2000 she was researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Telematics at the Medical University of Luebeck, Germany. Since April 2000 she is head of the Department of Operating Systems and Distributed Systems at the University Potsdam. From 2006 - 2009 she was also head of the Computer Science Institute of Potsdam University.

Research Interests

Her research interests are distributed systems, fault tolerance, cluster and grid computing, and Assisted Living Applications.

Reviewed PhD Theses

Thomas Dramlitsch
Distributed Computations in a Dynamic, Heterogeneous Grid Environment
November 2002
Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik

Gerd Lanfermann
Nomadic Migration - A Service Environment for Autonomic Computing on the Grid
November 2002
Potsdam Albert-Einstein-Institut und Universität Potsdam

Michael Knoke
Verteilte optimistische Simulation von stochastischen farbigen Petrinetzen
TU Berlin
Erstgutachter: Prof. Dr. Günter Hommel, Zweitgutachterin

André Luckow
A Dependable Middleware for Enhancing the Fault Tolerance of Distributed Computations in Grid Environments
März 2009
Universität Potsdam

Lars Schneidenbach
The Benefits of One-Sided Communication Interfaces for Cluster Computing
März 2009
Universität Potsdam

Thomas Scheffler
Privacy Enforcement with Data Owner-defined Policies
Oktober 2012
Universität Potsdam

Sebastian Fudickar
Sub GHz Transceiver for Indoor Localisation Accuracy and Device Runtimes
April 2014
Universität Potsdam

Marcus Ehrig
Hardwareimplementierte latenzarme drahtlose Medienzugriffs-protokolle höchsten Datendurchsatz
Dezember 2014
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Erstgutachter: Prof. Dr. Rolf Kraemer, Zweitgutachterin

Yi Sun
An Indoor Positioning Strategy based on Inertial Sensors
November 2015
FU Berlin
Erstgutachter: Prof. Dr. Jochen Schiller, Zweitgutachterin

Jörg Jung
Efficient Credit-based Server Load Balancing
Universität Potsdam

Sven Schindler
Honeypot Architectures for IPv6 Networks
Universität Potsdam

Steffen Christgau
One-Sided Communication on a Non-Cache-Coherent Many-Core Architecture
Universität Potsdam

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