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These pages describe a system for compiling nested logic programs into disjunctive logic programs under answer set semantics [2]. Our system is conceived as a front-end to the logic programming systems dlv and (since recently) gnt.

The underlying compiler is implemented in the programming language Prolog; it has been developed under the Logic Programming Systems SICStus and SWI; its code employs standard Prolog programming constructs so that it remains portable to other Prolog systems.

We deal with nested logic programs under the answer set semantics [3] which is an extension of the stable models semantics [1] for handling logic programs with classical negation.

An excellent introduction to logic programming under these semantics is due to Vladimir Lifschitz and can be accessed through his home-page.

This emerging subfield common to logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning is also referred to Answer Set Programming. Some links on the subject are given here.

Torsten Schaub 2003-08-14