Table of Contents

1 Title

Answer Set Programming: From Theory to Practice

2 Abstract

We take the audience on a journey starting from basic intuitions and concepts of Answer Set Programming, over an introduction to its modeling, grounding, and solving capacities along with associated engineering techniques, to the application of ASP in industrial contexts.

3 Speakers

4 Outline

  • Motivation (problem solving, history, success stories)
  • Foundations (logical concepts)
  • Grounding (functioning and key issues)
  • Solving (functioning and key issues)
  • Modeling (methodology and case-studies)
  • Engineering (multi-shot and theory solving)
  • Applications (case-studies from industrial applications)

5 References

  • Answer set programming. V Lifschitz. Springer, 2019.
  • Answer set solving in practice. M Gebser, R Kaminski, B Kaufmann, T Schaub. Morgan and Claypool, 1-238.
  • A tutorial on hybrid answer set solving with clingo. R Kaminski, T Schaub, P Wanko. Reasoning Web International Summer School, Springer 167-203.

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Author: Torsten Schaub

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