Our group's research fields are distributed and parallel systems with special focus on high-performance communication and security.

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Our lectures cover a broad range of topics across Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Parallel Computing, Security in Computer Networks and Performance Analysis.

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Joint Lab

The professorship is member of the Joint Lab "Wireless and Embedded System Design" between the Department of Computer Science of the University of Potsdam and the IHP, a member of the Leibniz Association.

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Kolloquiumsvortrag 07.12.2016, 13:30 Uhr Universität Potsdam, Raum 03.06.S14 Prof. Dr.Ing. Rolf Krämer
Titel: Das Taktile Internet: Echtzeitfähigkeit und die kleine Lichtgeschwindigkeit
Disputation: Sven Schindler 28.11.2016, 12:00 Uhr Universität Potsdam, Raum Titel: Honeypot Architectures for IPv6 Networks
Abschlussvortrag 25.11.2016, 14:15 Uhr Universität Potsdam, Raum Benjamin Plewka
Titel: Analyse von VoIP-Honeypots